CU Students designed an award-winning net-zero solar home in Fraser, CO that could help a housing crisis

What a wonderful story from our community! Building a net-zero home in Fraser, the “Icebox of Colorado” takes laser focused determination and teamwork. These CU students are showing how it is done! Yet another reason we are proud to serve the Front Range, and help folks here with working towards meeting their own sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

From the article: “Two University of Colorado Boulder engineering students took the top award in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The competition, comprising 10 events, attracts students from around the world who design and build a net-zero energy house. In addition to achieving the top award, CU ranked in the top three in all 10!

All of the student houses were built near universities, which helped expose the community and local builders to sustainable products and design. Building houses locally will now be done for the next Solar Decathlon.”

It’s incredible how each of the homes in the competition were built affordably incorporating solar, prefab wall panels, efficient heat pumps, and other green technologies.

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