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"Exceptional. Hands down the best home project contractor experience I have had for anything. Ecology Solar installed a great rooftop solar array with quality components and did so with the best price among seven competing bids. The project was even done ahead of schedule. A true pleasure to work with them."

-Steve Roels
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What Will You Gain From Going Solar?

Eco Friendly
Clean, sustainable energy that helps you leave a smaller carbon footprint
Save Money
Save money on your energy bills, with tax rebates, and other local incentives!
No more headaches from grid power outages and no need to worry about summer energy cost spikes
Added Value
Increase the re-sell value of your home!

Here's a Bright Idea!

Ecology Solar Sales & Service creates custom solar PV designs and proposals for residences and businesses in Colorado's front range, and we partner exclusively with Faraday Electric to install new solar equipment, battery backup systems, EV chargers, and new electric panels.

 Our mission is simple: We help people adopt solar energy in support of healthy, thriving ecosystems. 

We believe in creating win-win solar proposals in which customers get a good deal that will save them money while meeting their energy needs, and our companies will be fairly compensated to sustain and enable us to continue helping others.

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  • Ecology Solar Is The BEST!

    David Mull

    Ecology Solar is the BEST! My bride and I did a lot of research before we finally decided on Ecology Solar (yes, several organizations). This was not the typical sales pitch. No sir, just great information to help us make a good decision.  I was most impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. Every step of the way they kept us informed about progress and their work was impeccable. I most strongly endorse this company. I encourage you to give them a look before making any decisions.
  • We Definitely Would Recomend


    Our solar installation process, from initial planning to final completion, has gone extremely well. Ecology Solar kept us informed about each stage of the process, and our timeline went smoothly. Because of the nature and pitch of our roof, our installation required a little extra planning. We appreciated that safety was an important consideration throughout the process. We definitely would recommend Ecology Solar to any family looking to install solar panels on their home.
  • Exceptional


    Exceptional. Hands down the best home project contractor experience I have had for anything. Ecology Solar installed a great rooftop solar array with quality components and did so with the best price among seven competing bids. The project was even done ahead of schedule. A true pleasure to work with them.

Commitment to Colorado's Energy Sustainability

We are passionate about solar energy and the impact it has on our communities.

We prioritize using components manufactured with the highest sustainability standards.

We are dedicated to strengthening our sustainable practices every day.

We are also committed to serving our customers’ and partners’ well. We constantly strive to communicate honestly and transparently and believe it creates a triple-win for our customers, partners, and the environment when we can help people make well-informed financial, technical, and design decisions as they transition to solar for their energy needs.

Harness Renewable Energy

We understand that while our planet’s resources are limited, the sun’s energy is boundless. Our company is dedicated to helping you harness that renewable energy to power your home or commercial facility.
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Solar Solutions that Save

We’re committed to creating solar solutions that will help you save money on your energy bills, gain energy independence, and protect the planet that we all share.
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The Ultimate Solar FAQ

Net metering is the policy that really enables your solar to work for you. In most US states, there is a policy that says for every kilowatt hour that you put into the grid, you will receive a credit for that kilowatt hour. So if your solar system produces 10 kilowatt hours of energy, and it puts those 10 kilowatt hours into the grid, that's 10 kilowatt hours you get back. That's what net metering is.

This is really important because your solar system produces energy during the daytime, but you use energy during the nighttime as well. How it works is that during the daytime, you put a lot of energy into the grid, and it goes “on account” to be used later when you are not producing electricity. So you're banking all those credits. Then at night (or on a cloudy day), you pull that energy off the grid, and you use all the credits you accumulated.

That's net metering. It's an amazing policy. One that we all as consumers and advocates for clean energy have to continue to fight for. It has enabled solar to develop so much and, in effect, gives you the ability to use the grid as your own battery, reducing the cost of electricity for you and your family.
The Solar Investment Tax Credit (also known as the ITC) is available for qualifying homeowners who install solar. When you go solar, you can apply for the ITC from the federal government when you file your taxes which, for some homeowners, can result in a reduced, or even zero, tax liability. The ITC was recently increased from 26% to 30% giving homeowners even more reason to go solar. That's why customers who are ready to go solar should do so while the tax credit is maximized.

The ITC is a huge part of the value proposition of solar. For example, if you go solar and finance (or purchase with cash) your system for $30,000, you could receive an income tax credit equal to 30% of that $30,000 solar system, depending on the size of your tax liability. And if you finance your system, you can be eligible for this benefit without paying ANY money down for the system. That is why you want to go solar today and take advantage of the generous federal subsidies we as consumers have available in order to support clean energy and save money.
One of the most common questions our clients ask is how a solar warranty works. There are three types of solar warranties:

The first one is on the panels. When you buy a solar system for power, those panels are typically warrantied for 25 years. What that means is they're guaranteed to work for 25 years and continue to produce power. Now, depending on the panel you buy, that production guarantee could be anywhere from 85% of the power they were producing on day one, all the way up to 92% if you opt for a higher-efficiency, premium panel.

The second type of warranty is on the inverters, which are the component of your system that transform the energy you get directly from the sun into usable AC current that can actually power your home: turn on your lights, power your A/C, help you watch TV and all that good stuff. Your inverter is warrantied anywhere from 12 to 25 years.  The 12 year warranties can be extended to 20 or 25 years for additional fees, and coverage for labor to replace defective products is available for up to 10 years as well.

The third part of the warranty covers what's called the workmanship. Our workmanship warranty is for 10 years. That means all the work that we do on your house when we're installing your solar system, when we're on your roof while you're working, when we're working inside your electrical panel. All of that work is guaranteed for 10 years to make sure that there's absolutely no issues.

25 years on the panels, 12 to 25 years on inverters, 10 years on the workmanship warranty. Truly, we've got you covered when it comes to protecting your solar investment and making sure that it provides value to you for the long haul.
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