Why Local Solar + Storage is a Pillar of the Net-Zero Grid

The Biden administration has set an ambitious goal of a $2 Trillion climate spending plan in an effort to help decarbonize our nation. When comparing ways to decarbonize our electricity grid, most people tend to first think about utility-scale solar and wind as they are currently the cheapest form of new electricity. A recent study by Chris Clack is claiming that “a local solar-storage plan could save hundreds of billions of dollars as we build out the net-zero grid.”

While it’s true that the direct costs of utility-scale solar is cheaper than both residential and commercial, a more holistic comparison is revealing both unaccounted costs and benefits that sway the comparison. Here’s just a few:
  • Distribution and Transmission Costs – Large increases in Utility-Scale Solar requires major upgrades to the utility grid to account for required transmission and distribution.
  • Local Job Creation – For every MW of solar installed, localized solar + storage creates 250% more jobs compared to the utility-scale equivalent.
  • Homeowners Savings > Utilities Savings – While a localized solar + storage plan can help everyone save (homeowners and utilities included) most of those savings will benefit homeowners rather than utility corporations. 
Hear the full story by following the link below, and listen to the entire podcast created by “The Energy Gang” which is a GTM podcast
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